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Digital Advocacy Done Right

There’s doing digital for the sake of checking a box and then there’s doing it right.

Red Edge designs and develops cutting-edge advocacy campaigns for the biggest and most innovative corporations, major business associations, political campaigns, and free–enterprise advocates.

Our tools include campaign strategy and execution, actionable data, engaging websites, innovative mobile applications, 

powerful and data–rich Facebook applications, and targeted advertising–all with the goal of keeping our clients current and helping them meet every challenge.

Compelling. Effective. Creative. Digital advocacy done right.

Phone: (703) 566-2446

Clients{Partial List}

The Heritage FoundationThe Heritage Foundation Republican
Governors AssociationRepublican Governors Association
National Association
of ManufacturersNational Association of Manufactures
Enterprise InstituteCompetitive Enterprise Institute
Women’s ForumIndependent Women's Forum
U.S. Chamber
of CommerceU.S. Chamber of Commerce
The Franklin CenterThe Franklin Center Associated Builders
and ContractorsAssociated Builders and Contractors


Strategy Strategic Advice
Grass Roots
Mobilization Grass Roots Mobilization

Online Advertising Online Advertising

Mobile Applications Mobile Applications

Website Development Website Development
Facebook & Twitter
Community Facebook and Twitter Community

Graphic Design Graphic Design

Herding Cats Herding Cats


We're pretty low-key, so don't stress about it--give us a call or drop us a line and give us a chance to listen and learn about the challenge you and your organization face. We'll probably have some good ideas. Or, give us a holler if you want to play some old-school Oregon Trail. We don't mind geeking it out every once in a while.

Phone: (703) 566-2446

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